Intergraph SmartPlant Review 2017_R1三维审查工具
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Intergraph SmartPlant Review is the complete visualization environment for interactively reviewing and analyzing large, complex 3D models of process and power plants. Used by many companies around the world, the software provides all the visualization tools you need to review designs during engineering, construction, or maintenance – in one powerful application.
The ability to view all kinds of plant projects allows companies to standardize on SmartPlant Review for all project design reviews. SmartPlant is the only viewer focused on plant design and operations, but generic enough to meet all of the requirements for a variety of users – design, engineering, operations, and maintenance.
SmartPlant Review supports the entire plant design workflow. During design, SmartPlant Review provides views from any perspective so layouts can be reviewed more effectively than with traditional engineering models. To facilitate project approvals by management and clients, SmartPlant Review allows clear presentations that technical and non-technical audiences easily understand.
The viewer is at home in the design center, on the road, in the plant office, and on the plant floor. You can display the entire plant model and associated data at any remote location, totally independent of the office network. SmartPlant Review is a modular, scaleable, flexible visualization environment.

Intergraph SmartPlant Review是可帮您解决问题的三维审查工具。SmartPlant Review 是一种基于Windows 界面的浏览器可以打开PDS(模型和数据)、MicroStation、AutoCAD 和 .SAT 等格式的图形文件而不需要进行任何的转换工作。它提供了一种智能链接可以实现交互式地浏览大型复杂的3D 模型。用此工具可以深入地浏览和分析工程设计、建筑结构和进行工厂的日常维护。 SmartPlant Review不仅能够提供清晰而简明的可视化通信查阅DesignReview 留下的各种标记查找模型中符合某些条件的对象创建各种反馈信息如标记、标签、意见及注释等相关数据实现漫游检查和校审功能而且还可以实现进度浏览和冲突碰撞检查,将检查者的思路和意图反馈给PDS设计者。对提高工作效率缩短工程时间增强准确性起到了积极的作用。
SmartPlant Review的稳态扭转振动,是一款当前功能最全面和有效的扭振计算软件。它为用户提供强大的当量系统界面建模功能、脚本建模功能和全面的图表结果显示和生成最终报告等功能。


查看 readme.txt 或者 install.pdf


Microsoft Windows® XP / Windows® Vista / Windows® 7 / Windows® 8 / Windows® 8. 1

Recommended Hardware

CPU: 1.5 GHz or higher Pentium-compatible processor


Hard Disk Space: 2.0 GB of free hard disk space

To use HTML Help, Internet Explorer 4.01 or later required



语言 :English

操作系统 :Windows xp / 7even / 8.x / 10

软件平台 :64bit